U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project


The “U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project” was founded by the four foresters and scientists listed on the Contact page, and by other interested citizen volunteers in early 2008 to better document and publicize wildfire losses to U.S. taxpayers. A comprehensive peer-reviewed wildfire cost-plus-loss econometric ledger has been developed by the authors, and funding is currently being sought to test its functionality for the 2009 fire season.

This website is intended to help bring the project to public attention, define the project’s purpose and intent, and to introduce a “one-pager” checklist summary of the comprehensive general ledger that can be used by interested professionals, affected citizens, landowners, county officials, and others to begin a more comprehensive analysis of individual wildfires. The checklist can be used to denote “presence or absence” of costs or damages resulting from a wildfire event; to keep a “range of values” tally of cost and damage estimates; and/or to track developing and final figures as they are determined.


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